A Parkinson's Specific Exercise programme

A Parkinson's Specific Exercise programme




February 22, 2023

A Parkinson's Specific Exercise programme

Last Updated:

September 12, 2022

Who is this booklet for?
We have produced this booklet so that people with Parkinson’s can have information about Parkinson’s specific exercises.

A Parkinson’s specific exercise programme consists of exercises that are based on movements that can help to improve your symptoms.

This booklet contains information about different symptoms and stages of Parkinson’s and various components of training to build your ability, aerobic capacity, strength, flexibility, balance and dual tasking capacity.

Parkinson’s specific exercises can be commenced at any stage of your Parkinson’s journey and can be modified to suit your specific needs. The exercises and information are drawn from current evidence using a neuroplastic approach.

You’ll find various exercises with photos in this booklet and short video clips which you can view here to help you practice the correct technique.

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Enhance your Parkinson's management with our exercise program, designed to alleviate symptoms across all stages. The booklet covers training components to boost your skills, aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility, balance, and multitasking abilities. Get your PDF by providing your name and email, and access instructional videos for each exercise below.

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