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Meet a Parkinson’s Educator

Dedicated to ensuring families with Parkinson’s have the right information, education and support needed to live positively with Parkinson’s. To receive support from a Parkinson's Educator you will need to complete our referral form.

There is a lot to take in when you are first diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s Educators provide both personalised and group support for families living with Parkinson’s.  Our services include home visits, support groups, educational seminars, advocacy and whānau meetings as well as referrals to other health professionals. Parkinson’s Educators provide answers to any questions you or your whānau may have on the condition including medication, treatment and support available.

Meet a Parkinson’s Educator

Our Parkinson’s Educators are available to support a person and their whānau throughout the stages of Parkinson’s.  In this video our Clinical Manager shares how the team support people with Parkinson’s in Aotearoa.

Parkinson’s Educator Service

Where you can find us in Aotearoa, New Zealand

Our Parkinson’s Educators are available in many regions throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand and also available by phone.