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A Gift in Your Will

Parkinson’s Partners: leaving a lasting legacy

You can help make a real difference in the lives of people living with Parkinson’s by including  Parkinson’s New Zealand in your Will. By leaving a lasting legacy, you will help ensure that people with Parkinson’s are provided with information, advice and support when they really need it.


When Maggie made her Will she was very clear about what she wanted gifted to family and friends. Treasured possessions like a pair of bronze candle stick holders and her collection of tableware were left to people she knew would value them. Of her residuary estate 10 % was left to Parkinson’s New Zealand and the other 90% to her loved ones. 

Parkinson’s New Zealand used part of Maggie’s gift to help provide services to people with Parkinson’s in the area Maggie had lived in. Her gift was also used towards producing information to benefit all people in New Zealand with Parkinson’s, like Keep Moving: an introduction to Parkinson’s and exercise, and The Drug Treatment of Parkinson’s. These publications ensure people with Parkinson’s are able to understand and make choices about managing their condition.


John worked hard during his lifetime and for many years lived with Parkinson’s. He decided that he wanted his legacy to help people with Parkinson’s throughout New Zealand and left a residual gift to Parkinson’s New Zealand. This generous gift has been invested by Parkinson’s New Zealand. The interest on this gift is used on an annual basis to help provide information and education to people living with Parkinson’s, their family and carers. By investing this gift, Parkinson’s New Zealand ensures John’s legacy lives on.

The process of making a legacy to Parkinson’s New Zealand is quick and simple regardless of whether or not you have already written a Will. Just read through this simple guide to get acquainted with the most common ways you can leave a gift. It is best to use a lawyer to write up your will. If you don’t already have one, a family member or friend may be able to recommend someone you could use. Once you have made your Will you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved ones and the causes you care about will be provided for.

The main types of gift that you can make in your Will are:

Residuary legacy

Once your debts and funeral expenses are paid out and the gifts of specific items or set amounts of money are attended to, the balance of the estate is called the ‘residuary estate’. A gift of part of this is called a ‘residuary legacy’. Such a gift is commonly stated as a percentage of the residue. For example, “I give to Parkinson’s New Zealand …% of my residuary estate.”

This is a popular choice as it automatically adjusts to the changes in the value of your estate. It effectively inflation proofs your gift. A residuary legacy is the best thing you can do to help support people with Parkinson’s in New Zealand.

Specific legacy

This is a gift of a monetary amount, such as $1,000.

Family Trusts

If you already have a family trust that holds your assets, the best way to support Parkinson’s New Zealand is to include us in the memorandum of wishes. This will inform your trustees and executor exactly how you want them to deal with those assets following your death and telling them what legacy you would like to leave to Parkinson’s New Zealand.

We recommend that you always consult your legal advisor before making or changing your Will.

Our legal name to be used in your Will is The Parkinson's New Zealand Charitable Trust


Gabrielle was a woman who loved life and during her life travelled extensively. She was active in her local community particularly in helping disabled people participate in sport. When she died, after living with Parkinson’s for a number of years, she left a legacy to Parkinson’s New Zealand in her Will. It was her wish that some of this money should be used for research to help people with Parkinson’s.

To honour Gabrielle’s wishes, Parkinson’s New Zealand worked with her husband to find a research project. This project looked at how dyskinesias develop in people with Parkinson’s and was a part of a bigger research programme. The project funded by Gabrielle has now been completed and the findings from this study are being used to advance the research programme.


“I’ve left you a gift in my Will as it is a way I can give you the sort of gift I wish I could give you during my lifetime. I know someone who has Parkinson’s and I’ve seen the changes in him since having this condition. I have also seen the impact being involved with the Parkinson’s Society has made in his quality of life. I’m sorry you won’t be receiving my gift anytime soon as I’m still quite young, but I know that when you do it will help those who really need it. Thank you for the work you do.”

How your gift can make a difference

By supporting Parkinson’s New Zealand with a legacy gift you can make a real difference in the lives of people living with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s New Zealand needs your support to enable us to provide information, education and advice for people when they need it most. They may be:

  • newly diagnosed seeking information on a condition they know little about
  •  looking to meet others with Parkinson’s who understand their condition
  • needing support and advice as they face changes in their condition
  • looking for advice on how to better manage their condition
  • need someone to speak up for them to help them retain their employment
  • want a better level of care in a rest home whose staff would benefit from specific Parkinson’s training

We would like to thank you in your life time, so if you have left us a gift in your Will, please do let us know.

If you still have questions or would like to discuss a gift to Parkinson’s please feel free to contact us on 04 801 8850 or email