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Meet A Parkinson's Nurse

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Currently, there are over 25 Parkinson's Nurses and related clinical staff spread across New Zealand, providing free education, information, and clinical referrals.

What does a Parkinson's Nurse do?

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Parkinson's Nurses work on providing professional support to people living with Parkinson’s. 

To do so, our nurses develop high-quality medical plans while also providing in-depth information about Parkinson's.

To help families further, Parkinson's Nurses will connect people with Parkinson’s to speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists.

Parkinson's NZ also runs networking support groups and exercise classes. We also offer physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, as well as art/music therapy sessions to members.

Meet A Parkinson's Nurse Near You

If you’d like to contact our charity and meet a Parkinson's Nurse to discuss your options with Parkinson's, then give us a call on 04 801 8850 today!

To find out who to contact and what services are available in your area, head over to our Regional Support.

Parkinson's Nursing Services

Parkinson's New Zealand

Parkinson's Nurses help people with Parkinson's make informed decisions about living with the condition. Parkinson's Nurses can provide the following services for free:

Parkinson's Home visits

Home visits are an opportunity to receive personalised advice and thorough assessments. Our Parkinson's Nurses work with the person with Parkinson’s, their family, and carers to provide information and develop a high-quality medical plan that upholds their lifestyle and health.

Parkinson's Support groups

Parkinson's Nurses can let you know when Parkinson's New Zealand organises support group meetings for members with similar experiences. Support groups range from groups for people with Parkinson’s, carers, or people with Early Onset Parkinson’s. These groups come together to share coping strategies and are a chance to establish social networks. With acclaimed medical speakers attending frequently, you may receive a lot of highly relevant information about the Parkinsonism conditions.


Your Parkinson's Nurse can give advice about health professionals who work with people with Parkinson’s in the community, as appropriate. For example, occupational therapists (who can arrange assistance items like handrails or bath seats and can also help you learn new ways to do things), physiotherapists, and speech-language therapists.

Medication Monitoring

Advice on monitoring of medication is a crucial component of the service provided by Parkinson's Nurses. Medication schedules are unique to each individual with Parkinson’s, and your Parkinson's Nurse can help with information about managing medication side effects, "hot and cool" periods, and sleep disturbance problems.

General Mobility Advice 

If you need advice on how to arrange mobility vouchers, parking permits, home help, and other general assistance, your Parkinson's Nurse can help you with all of the information you may need to make an application for the mobility item you need.


Need someone to work beside you or speak on your behalf? Our Parkinson's Nurses can assist with conversations with hospitals, specialists, and employers about the Parkinsonism condition and what can be expected as time progresses.

Social Activities

Social activities provide a sense of togetherness and give people with Parkinson's an opportunity to meet, talk, and support each other. Your Parkinson's Nurse will be able to tell you about the social outings held in your immediate area.

Exercise and other therapies

Your Parkinson's Nurse can let you know what programmes are available for people with Parkinson’s in your surrounding areas. Activities may include physiotherapy, circuit training exercises, hydrotherapy, and art/music therapy sessions. Research has shown that all of these activities, particularly exercise, is a vital component for the overall management of Parkinson’s.

Educational Seminars

Many of Parkinson’s New Zealand’s branches and divisions organise high-quality educational seminars. Education seminars provide easy access to a variety of speakers, including acclaimed neurologists, Parkinson’s researchers, pharmacists, and other professionals from the healthcare community. Your Parkinson's Nurse can advise you about any seminars that may be occurring in your area, including those presented by other organisations that may be relevant.

Facilitate Family/Whānau Meetings

Parkinson's Nurses are available to meet with family/whanau to discuss how they can best support their family members. They can provide information about Parkinson’s to give family/whanau a better understanding of the condition. They can also provide information about respite care, both day programmes and short term care, available in your area.

Care to Show Your Support?

Understanding Parkinson's

Parkinson's New Zealand is a non-profit charitable organisation, so we depend on the generosity and empathy of Kiwis!
If you’d like to show your support to the services we provide to people with Parkinson’s, then please visit our donation page.
If you’d like to contact our charity and avail of these free services, please call us on 04 801 8850.