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The management of Parkinson’s should be tailored to the individual and includes keeping well and active.

Whoever and wherever you are, we can help. Our Parkinson’s Nurses offer a vital range of free services throughout New Zealand. These services range from home visits, exercise sessions, social and support groups, advice, advocacy and referrals. Our Parkinson's Nurses work as part of our unique and interdisciplinary care service.

First established over 35 years ago, Parkinson’s New Zealand is the only NZ organisation providing education, information and support services to people living with and affected by Parkinson’s and Parkinsonism conditions.

Parkinson’s NZ also runs networking support groups and exercise classes, while also offering physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, as well as art/music therapy sessions to members.

  • Local Support Parkinson's

    Parkinson’s New Zealand provides services in 20 different regional locations, with Parkinson's Action Groups in each area run by hard-working volunteers.

  • Meet A Parkinson's Nurse

    Currently, there are over 25 Parkinson's Nurses and related clinical staff spread across New Zealand, providing free education, information, and clinical referrals.

  • Parkinson's Caregiver Checklist

    Carers must maintain their own health and wellbeing while caring to cope with the challenges they can be presented with.

  • Parkinson's Treatment Options

    While there is no cure for Parkinson's yet, typical symptoms can be managed with specific medical procedures.

    Treatment for Parkinson's

    Everyone's experience of Parkinson's disease is unique.

  • A Parkinson’s Specific Exercise Programme


    Sit to stand:

    Floor rolling:

    Fine motor: