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"Get Going for Parkinson’s"

Welcome to ‘Get Going with Parkinson’s’! Please start your ‘Get Going’ journey with us today, by joining Team Parkinson's.

Whether you want to run, walk, swim, cycle, or sail, or organise an event, the options are endless! 

All the money you raise for us will continue to make our work at Parkinson’s New Zealand possible.

Get Going with Parkinson’s

Keep it simple and join us on any pre-organised event,  anywhere in NZ, and fundraise for us!

You can sign up for a physical challenge or even chop off your beard to 'Get Going for Parkinson's'!

Involving your friends & family to organise a coffee morning, plant sale, or auction could help make a massive difference! 

The sky's the limit to how you can contribute as part of a team!

Whatever your desired event, we would love to hear from you on 0800 473 4636.

Edward Collings after Marathon

Getting Started

To start things off, we’ll send you a pack that includes training tips from New Zealand Olympian and Parkinson's New Zealand Ambassador, the late Sir Peter Snell.

The pack also includes a t-shirt or running vest, as well as fundraising and sponsorship advice. We will also give you lots of ongoing support and encouragement.

For more information please email or call 0800 473 4636.

"I'm proud to be part of the Parkinson's Team, and I'm glad you've joined us. Thank you for making Parkinson's New Zealand your chosen charity, and including us in your efforts to Get Going!" - Sir Peter Snell, 2017

Past Events - Get Going for Parkinson’s

Bay of Plenty Auction

We have had some amazing people taking “Get Going for Parkinson’s” to a whole nother level.

Their showcasing of skills and greatness really sets their dedication apart!

Below are just a few of them, maybe their stories will inspire you to get going as well!

Get Going with Parkinson’s 2019 

Syd King - Te Araroa Trail

Even as a child, Syd King has dreamed about walking the length of the long white cloud we call home, Aotearoa. With the 3,000 kilometre long Te Araroa trail, Syd could finally dream about walking from Cape Reinga to the Bluff near Invercargill. When his loving sister, Margery Simpson, succumbed to complications arising from MSA, Syd knew he had an opportunity to show tribute to his sister. So far, Syd has raised over $2,270.00 in memory of Margery! Syd’s achievements have got a lot of eyes looking at Parkinson’s New Zealand, and the services we provide. Thanks a lot to Syd, we hope he can complete the trail and make Margery proud of him!

December Running Challenge for Parkinson's

Jim Tetlow will run a minimum of five kilometers, each day of December, to raise money for Parkinson’s New Zealand. Jim saw firsthand the effects of Parkinson’s when his grandmother battled the condition before her death. It was, however, the death of a close friend in the UK that inspired Jim to take up the December Running Challenge. It was this friend that had initiated a challenge to run every day, from December 1 to Christmas Day. This year, Jim is picking up the mantle for his friend, and has already raised close to $200!

The Perry’s - Pedal for Parkinson’s

When Neil Perry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in May 2018, the entire Perry family initially reeled in shock. But they simply refused to take it lying down. So, the Perry’s decided to compete in the Pedal for Parkinson’s event on the Wairarapa coast. With an 18 km and 64 km circuit to choose from, the longer track starts from Pahaoa and goes along the Rerewhakaaitu river after passing through the Devils Creek Gorge. Neil was joined by his partner Louise Wilson, daughter Emily, brother Ben, sister Tina, niece Jasmin, and her partner for the event. Altogether, this quality family affair raising over $2,225 for Parkinson’s New Zealand. Talk about a super-family!

Travis Hamilton - Challenge Wanaka

Along with Dante Fyfe and Elliot Newton, Travis "The Fish Out Of Water" Hamilton participated as a super-trio in the team event of Challenge Wanaka 2019. Travis was set to handle the 1.9 km swim circuit, Elliot the 90 km cycle and Dante the 21 km run! All of the proceeds they could get their friends and samaritans to contribute were set to be split equally between three separate charities! The Three Musketeers took up Challenge Wanaka and raised about $300 for Parkinson’s New Zealand!

Emily Stonehouse - USA Cross-Country

When NZ-based Emily’s dad was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's, Parkinson’s New Zealand was a vital component supporting him in providing information and clinical referrals. As she reached the Land of the Free, she got her bike out and began her epic journey from the east coast to the west coast. We’re so proud of Emily and her relentless drive is an inspiration. Thank you for raising over $1,800 for helping more people with Parkinson’s!

Pip Parsons - Hawke’s Bay Half Marathon

Pip’s mum, Wenz, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease over two decades ago. Her mother’s fight and positivity have surely found itself to Pip, who has run the Hawke’s Bay Half Marathon for raising money. Pip is also fastened with the aim of doing the marathon in under two hours. With previous half marathon times of 2:11 hrs, 2:09 hrs, and 2:07 hrs, Pip is raring to see herself break the two-hour barrier. Pip’s efforts have raised a glorious $2,150 for Parkinson’s New Zealand!

James Routledge - Step Up Challenge

James Routledge does not do simple challenges. In September, he challenged himself to do 100,000 step-ups onto a raised platform, with a target of completing it within 12 hours. Despite falling painfully close to his target, the effort put in by James was tremendous. Thank you for raising over $1,100 for Parkinson’s New Zealand, James! In 2018, James had raised over $600 for us through the Pencarrow Lighthouse Half Marathon.

Lydia Velzian - The 1,505

Every year, 1,505 people are diagnosed with Parkinson's every year in New Zealand. In memory of her grandfather, who passed away after living with Parkinson’s, Lydia Velzian decided to run one kilometre for every person diagnosed with Parkinson’s. For her initiative, she was able to raise $1,120 and honour the memory of her loving grandad, in one of the best ways she could - by helping others.

Sean Leckie - Running for Awareness

We would like to thank Sean Leckie for raising nearly $600 for Parkinson’s New Zealand by raising awareness from running a full marathon! Thanks for your efforts, mate!

Get Going with Parkinson’s 2018

Malcolm Gunn - Tour Aotearoa

Malcolm has cycled the Tour Aotearoa, an unsupported 3000 km cycle ride from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Malcolm rode the Tour Aotearoa to raise money for Parkinson's New Zealand, in support of his good friend, Brent Harrison, who was unable to do so at the time.  Malcolm stepped up to the challenge and raised a huge $3,680 for us!

Dhilum Nightingale - Motutapu Trail Marathon

Dhilum ran her first marathon, the beautiful Motutapu Trail, which extends from Wanaka to Cromwell, just a few days after her 42nd birthday. She ran to raise money for Parkinson's and in honour of her dear mum. Dhilum raised an amazing $1,500 for Parkinson's New Zealand.

Vaughan Anderson & Shane and Vicky Riley - The Taupo Ultra Marathon

Vicky, Shane and Vaughan decided to challenge themselves and chose to do the Taupo Ultra Marathon. They used this challenge to fundraise for two of their favourite charities - Parkinson's New Zealand and The Dairy Goat Co-Operative Trust.  Together, they raised a mighty $1,130 for their chosen charities.

James Routledge - Pencarrow Lighthouse Half Marathon

James competed in the Pencarrow Lighthouse Half Marathon which follows the coastal path from Eastbourne to Baring Head. He decided to fundraise for Parkinson's New Zealand, as a member of his family had been recently diagnosed. James raised $620 for us, for which we are extremely grateful!

Brian Mercer - Back-to-back Tough Mudder

Brian took up the challenge of participating in not one, but two mud runs called the Tough Mudder. This is an 18km mud run with demanding obstacles. The races coincided with Parkinson's Awareness Week, and with a close family member living with Parkinson's, Brain chose to raise money for a cause close to his heart. Thank you, Brian, for the $650 you’ve raised for Parkinson's New Zealand.

Get Going with Parkinson’s 2017

Stephen Gibson - Stadium to Surf Charity Walk

Stephen Gibson is an amazing fundraiser--he's helped raise funds to support many great causes in Dunedin. He took part in the 10 kilometre, Stadium to Surf Charity Walk, and raised over $775 for Parkinson's New Zealand!

Swar Sadhana School of Indian Music and Dance

Swar Sadhana School of Indian Music and Dance held a wonderful concert in Auckland and donated the proceeds from the concert to Parkinson's New Zealand. They raised a whopping $4,500 for us. Thanks to everyone who took part and our wonderfully close-knit Indian community in Auckland!

Rose Singers

The Rose Singers took part in a pantomime performance to raise funds for Parkinson's New Zealand and raised a fantastic $1,500 for our cause!

Noah McNeill

Noah McNeill, age 9, held a raffle at Sacred Heart Primary School in Petone to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson's New Zealand. A big thank you to Noah, and to the Lower Hutt and Petone businesses that supported Noah's raffle. For your splendid efforts Noah, an amazing $750 has been raised for Parkinson's New Zealand!

Get Going with Parkinson’s 2016

Shane Sibenaler - Beard Chop for Parkinson's

While many people run marathons, there are other ways to raise money for Parkinson's New Zealand! Shane Sibenaler from Taranaki raised over $500 for cutting off his beard! We appreciate that Shane could make this massive gesture to his Dad, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Penny Parsons and Shelley McMillan - Mates Dates

Sydneysiders came out to support Parkinson's New Zealand with a dating event "Mates Dates" on 3 June 2016 and raised a tremendous $2,500 for us. Thank you to everyone who took part, especially organisers Penny and Shelley. Apparently there were some successful matches. It seems our tagline Parkinson's New Zealand - “Connecting People, Changing Lives” worked a little too well for this event!

Get Going with Parkinson’s 2015

John Stockwell - Ducati Ride for Parkinson's

Kiwi-born John Stockwell of South Australia leathered up for an epic motorcycle ride around New Zealand, mirroring a trip he had recently taken across Australia. John drove around much of the North and South Islands, from late February until mid-April, meeting and inspiring our members. John attended meetings around the country as well as motorbike rallies and special events, clocking up a significant amount of media coverage along the way.

Rachel Brand - Paris Marathon

Rachel Brand was living and working in Oslo when she contacted us to say she was running the Paris Marathon to raise money and awareness for Parkinson's New Zealand. This may be the first time she has fundraised for Parkinson's New Zealand but she assures us it won't be her last. We hear she is signed up to run in Auckland when she returns to live in New Zealand.

Nigel Towers and Gary Collins - Half Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Nigel Towers and Gary Collins participated in the 80-kilometre long, " Half Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge" on Saturday 28th November 2015. The two men raised as massive $4,000 for Parkinsons NZ, along the way!

For more information please email or call 0800 473 4636 today!