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Deloitte's Social Impact Evaluation of PNZCT

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Parkinson’s New Zealand’s Social Impact Evaluation

We are delighted to share a brief summary of some of the key findings from the Deloitte Access Economics Social Impact Evaluation for the financial year-end June 30, 2020.

The main goal of PNZCT is to provide targeted services that enable people with Parkinson’s (PwP) to enjoy a better quality of life for longer and to support their caregivers and whanau.

From this goal, Deloitte identified three measurable social impacts to estimate the value of the services PNZCT provides:

  1. Better physical health outcomes for PwP
  2. Better mental health outcomes for PwP and their whanau
  3. PwP are better able to manage their condition and wellness

For the financial year to 30th June 2020, PNZCT had 25 Community Educators and Parkinson’s Nurses in New Zealand providing education, information, and support to the person diagnosed, as well as their whanau and carers. During this year PNZCT welcomed 853 new clients to the service and provided
close to 4,000 comprehensive home visits.

Deloitte analysed our Annual Client Satisfaction Survey (2020) and outlined the following:

  • 78% of people with Parkinson’s experienced a positive change in their medication management after receiving medication advice from a Community Educator/Parkinson’s Nurse.
  • 47% of people with Parkinson’s felt safer from trips or falls around the home as a result of their interactions with PNZCT, and the information PNZCT provided.
  • 83% of people with Parkinson’s who attended exercise classes noticed physical improvements.
  • 74% of PNZCT carers noticed an improvement in their ability to manage their people with Parkinson’s condition as a result of their interactions with PNZCT.
  • On average 80% of people with Parkinson’s were satisfied with their access to health and community services.
  • 32% of PNZCT clients noticed a positive change in their ability to connect with others.


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To monetise impact from the three outcomes identified, Deloitte used a ‘quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) formula utilising internal data collection, the Annual Client Satisfaction Survey (2020), and
other sources to estimate the social impact of the service.

The Social Impact Evaluation estimates the social impact of PNZCT’s services for the 2019/2020 year at $15.9 million.

During this same period approximately $3 million was spent by PNZCT to provide these services. The value of PNZCT social impact is therefore estimated to be more than five times greater than the amount invested.

Along with an estimate of PNZCT’s social impact, the Board wanted to quantify how much our services saved the health sector. Deloitte calculated the potential savings to District Health Boards by estimating how many GP visits may have been avoided due to the interaction by PwP with their PNZCT’s nurses and educators. Deloitte estimated a potential savings of $1,273,628 to the health sector in 2019/2020.

The Social Impact Evaluation will be used to support future funding applications for the services particularly with the Ministry of Health and DHB’s. If you would like more information about the evaluation please check out the full report below (available for download).