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The Science of Parkinson's Seminar with presentations by Dr Simon Stott, Professor Maurice Curtis, & Sir Richard Faull

Treatment & Therapies

The Science of Parkinson's seminar was held in Auckland on 28th May 2019. 

Dr Simon Stott is the Deputy Director of Research at The Cure Parkinson's Trust in the United Kingdom. He gave an overview of clinical trials for Parkinson's: Ongoing and the future.

Professor Maurice Curtis is Head of The Department of Anatomy and Medical Imaging at Auckland University and is the Deputy Director of the Neurological Foundation Human Brain Bank. Professor Curtis presented on where does Parkinson’s disease start and how does it spread in the brain.

Sir Richard Faull is the Director of the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland. Sir Richard spoke on The Potential of Research in the the Centre for Brain Research to Advance Research and Therapeutic Developments in Parkinson’s Disease. 

Click this link to view the Seminar Presentations 

Presentation slides for Dr Stott's and Sir Richard's presentations are in the related content below.

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