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TikTok Community Creates Pill Bottles for Parkinson’s

Users of the popular social media platform have rallied to produce an ingenious innovation for people with Parkinson's - anti-shake pill bottles.

U.S.-based fundraiser Jimmy Choi is an athlete who regularly fundraises for good causes. However, Jimmy lives with Parkinson's but recently shared a struggle on social media - how tremors make it hard to take his medication.

Choi's TikTok video was viewed hundreds of thousands of times and inspired a 3D-printed solution - an accessible, Parkinson's-friendly pill bottle.

Videographer Brian Alldridge saw Choi's video and decided to design a pill bottle to meet the athlete's needs better. Another engineer, David Exler, used a 3D printer to develop a prototype.

With the new design, the person with Parkinson's turns a knob at the bottle's base to isolate a single pill, which they can then pop into their mouths straight from the bottle.

Simplicity is Loved

Jimmy Choi

The design has been hailed as "simple yet effective”.

"The bottle [is] easy to grab even for hands that have dexterity issues,” Jimmy told Parkinson’s Life. “It isolates a single pill at a time, making delivery to mouth as simple as taking a shot. No more handling and dropping of pills.”

The designers now hope to meet manufacturers soon about mass-producing it cheaply, with proceeds going to non-profit organizations.

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