Early-Onset Parkinson's


People diagnosed with Parkinson’s under the age of 60 are considered to have early-onset Parkinson’s. While Parkinson’s is often considered an older person’s condition, approximately 10% of the population diagnosed with Parkinson’s are under the age of 40. In rare instances, Parkinson’s-like symptoms can appear in children and teenagers, this is called ‘Juvenile Parkinsonism’ and is viewed as a separate condition to Parkinson’s. 

Although most symptoms are the same at whatever age Parkinson's develops, the psychological, social, and medical management implications are very different for people with early-onset Parkinson's e.g. employment, and having young children.

For more information about early-onset Parkinson’s, download our book Anybody Any Age (pdf) or or read the online version.

UPBEAT is a special interest group for people with early-onset Parkinson's, their whanau/families and friends.  For more information see the UPBEAT section of the website.