Video advice on managing Parkinson's from international experts

The videos are 3-6 minutes long.  The sound quality is variable so you may need to have your speakers turned up.  You can also view these on YouTube.

Parkinson's Research

Dr Adam Sims from Capital and Coast DHB shares strategies that can help with both depression and anxiety for people with Parkinson's.

Nutritionist Alison Cowell from Healthy Eating, Napier recommends an ideal diet for people with Parkinson's.

Dr Maurice Curtis from The Brain Bank in Auckland talks about latest research into the path of Parkinson's in the brain.


2013 World Parkinson Congress

Parkinson's New Zealand took the opportunity of the 2013 World Parkinson Congress to ask various international experts for advice on living with and managing Parkinson's. 
Michelle Lin (Canada) talks about the role of genetics in the progression of Parkinson's.


Living with Parkinson's

Soania Mathur (Canada) talks about raising kids when you have been diagnosed with Parkinson's


Advice for people with Parkinson's who have teenage children from Elaine Book, social worker from the Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre in Vancouver Canada and David Morley, psychiatrist, from the University of Oxford UK.


Sharon Daborn talks about the results of a round table discussion on people with Parkinson's who have teenage or adolescent children


Ryan Tripp from Ontario, Canada talks about living alone with Parkinson's. 



Parkinson's Service Dogs

Carolyn Weaver and Renee Le Verrier talk about the benefits of having a service dog.


Non- motor symptoms

 Professor of Neurology, Joseph Friedman talks about fatigue and Parkinson's, and the difference between fatigue and sleepiness


 Janis Miyasaki  discusses the difference between depression vs demoralisation



Terry Ellis from Boston University talks about the importance of incorporating exercise as a preventative therapy in Parkinson's. She also talks about using cues to improve mobility and other exercise themes from the Congress. 


Lloyd Jenkins tries out Rock Steady Boxing at the 2013 World Parkinson Congress.   Research suggests that this boxing program may improve flexibility, range of motion, gait and posture in people with Parkinson's.  It is fun too!



Roger Barker (UK) talks about advances in diagnosing Parkinson's and why it is so important.



About the World Parkinson Congress

Stanley Fahn, founder of the World Parkinson Congress, talks about how it got started.


Attitude TV - Living with Parkinson's

 This 30 minute programme aired on TV1 on June 8 2014.  Andy McDowell who has early onset Parkinson's describes what it is like living with Parkinson's.