NTCELL clinical trial update

New Zealand biotechnology company Living Cell Technologies Limited (LCT) recently announced that it has completed the next stage of a clinical trial underway in Auckland of its planned treatment for Parkinson's.

LCT reported that it has completed treatment of all six participants in group 2 of its Phase 2b clinical trial, with four participants having NTCELL capsules implanted into their brain. To date there are no safety issues with any of the participants. 

The research led by Auckland based neurologist Dr Barry Snow involves surgically placing tiny capsules containing cells from Auckland Island pigs into the brains of people with well-established Parkinson's who were no longer responding to traditional therapy.

Dr Snow presented data from the Phase 1/2a clinical trial to prospective participants and their partners and supporters at meetings organised by Parkinson's New Zealand. A video of Dr Snow's presentation can be viewed on the Parkinson's New Zealand You Tube channel.

For more information about the NTCELL trial read more from the Living Cell Technologies press release (PDF).